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Do You Accept Payments Other Than Crypto?

Short Answer:

  • While thc.pm does not escrow non-crypto payments some Sellers may accept payments other than Crypto such as Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, Credit Card & ACH.
  • You may filter by available payment methods from the search.
  • thc.pm does not allow the public advertisement of contact information - PM your favorite Seller to request their contact information if you choose to use an alternative payment method.
  • Again, thc.pm does not escrow non-crypto payments so use alternative payment methods at your own risk!
  • Also, you may not leave reviews or feedback for purchases made via alternative payment methods.
  • Purchases made via alternative payment methods may not be mentioned on thc.pm. Offenders will be temporarily banned from buying/selling for 15 days.

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How Does Escrow Work? [Escrow 101]

Short Answer: Your funds are safe with us! We hold your funds until 48 hours after your order is delivered to give you time to inspect it; if anything is wrong you must file a dispute within 48 hours of delivery or your funds are not returnable.
Escrow is powered by nowpayments.io.

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What Are The Fees For Escrow?

Short Answer: FREE For Buyers & $0.35 + 3.9% For Sellers.

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How Much Are Withdrawal Fees?

Short Answer: USDT withdrawals on the BSC or SOL networks are FREE; all other withdrawals cost gas + current exchange rates.

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What's The Seller's Bond?

Short Answer: 1 $XMR Annually.

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Do I have To Pay The Seller's Bond?

Short Answer: No. You may have received an invitation code, if so, we waived your bond. Welcome aboard!

(Sellers with an invitation code have been pre-qualified as trusthworthy & ethical; and have Instant Payments automatically enabled for their accounts.)

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